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Immerse Yourself in Espionage and Elegance with “Manhunt in the Night” from VaughnBornFamous and Tidow Beats – a Track with a Nod to Classic Bond Mystique 



Get ready for shaken martinis and moonlit chases as VaughnBornFamous debuts his enthralling track “Manhunt in the Night,” where shadows, orchestral grandeur, and espionage take center stage. The song’s unmistakable nod to the classic Bond scores, through its cello, trumpets, and strings, is both a tribute and a wink to the world of 007.


With a melody reminiscent of Bond films, “Manhunt in the Night” weaves a web of intrigue and mystique. It's as if the shadows themselves are whispering secrets, and the night dons a tuxedo. VaughnBornFamous’ rich vocals and enigmatic lyrics effortlessly transport listeners into a clandestine world of nocturnal adventures and thrilling pursuits.


But make no mistake, while the track may capture the allure of an iconic Bond theme, VaughnBornFamous is in a league of his own. The artist presents a unique blend of atmospheric vocals and dark, ambient melodies that stand alone as an homage to an era of cinematic elegance and suspense. The playful marketing hashtag #NotABondSong invites listeners to embrace the Bond-esque flair with a sense of camaraderie and an appreciative nod to the classic genre.


Speaking about the track, VaughnBornFamous and Tidow Beats say, “We’ve always been captivated by the world of international spies and their mystique. With ‘Manhunt in the Night,’ we wanted to tip our hats to the classic themes we all love, while creating something distinctly unique. Remember, shaken, not stirred.”


As the trumpets swell and the night envelopes the city, “Manhunt in the Night” offers not just a song, but an experience; a walk through moonlit streets with a license to thrill. Share in the intrigue with #NotABondSong and let the nocturnal chase begin.


Manhunt in the Night


(This is Vaughn. 

They call me the phantom of the night.

I’m on the hunt, so no enemy is safe.

Welcome to „Manhunt in the Night“

Magnolia is in the house.)


Manhunt in the night, shadows take their flight

Chasing every clue, I'm coming after you

Underneath the moon, I'll catch you very soon

Silent like a ghost, danger's getting close

Slipping through the dark, I'm a silent shark

Just a single spark, ignites the deadly mark

Secrets whispered low, nowhere left to go

Time is running out, there's no room for doubt.


In the city streets, our destiny meets

Stealthy on the prowl, I can hear the wolf's soft howl

In the neon glow, secrets start to show,

Fear is on the rise, as the cold wind blows.

Through the city maze, in the moon's soft haze,

Chase becomes a dance, in the night's embrace.

Tension in the air, every step beware

Manhunt in the night, till the morning light.


Manhunt in the night, till the morning light.

Manhunt in the night, till the morning light.

Manhunt in the night, till the morning light.

Manhunt in the night, till the morning light.

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