Join our musical adventure that promises to be a treat for the ears and a journey for the soul.

Misaligned EP

Embark on a sonic journey with the latest releases from the dynamic duo VaughnBornFamous and Tidow Beats. 


Renowned for their audacious Extended Play (EP) 'MisAligned', which masterfully blended American pop, trance, and hip-hop with the precision of German production, the duo continues to push musical boundaries.


Experience the tender touch of love with 'Radio', the latest single from VaughnBornFamous and Tidow Beats. 


Featured on his acclaimed album 'Born Famous', this emotive lovesong is a beautiful tapestry of heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring guitar melodies. 'Radio' captures the essence of romance and longing, enveloping listeners in a wave of deep emotion and the poignant narrative of love. 


Listen now on Spotify and let 'Radio' resonate with your own experiences of love and affection.

Unchained Workout -
Official Muscle Beach Video

Dive into the heart-pounding world of Unchained Workout as it resonates through the iconic sands of Venice Beach. 


As the track's pulsating beats echo across the shore, VaughnBornFamous takes center stage on Muscle Beach, motivating passionate fitness junkies to elevate their game and give their utmost.


DoomsDay Rage

Our official video for the track DoomsDay Rage from the MisAligned EP project on YouTube.

Artificial Love

As the first track we presented you 'Artificial Love' from the MisAligned EP project. Dive into the digital realm with 'Artificial Love', a mesmerizing slow EDM track that explores the complex relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. 


The song navigates through the depths of a digital world, where love and logic intertwine in a dance of binary beats and electronic melodies. With lyrics that paint a vivid picture of an infatuation with an AI entity, this track captures the essence of a futuristic romance, entangled in code and driven by a relentless electronic rhythm. 


The song's pulsating beats and haunting melodies create a soundscape that reflects the paradox of finding emotional connection in a world of artificiality. 'Artificial Love' is an experience that questions the boundaries of human affection in the age of technology.

Unchained Workout

As the second track before the EP release we presented you Unchained Workout from the MisAligned EP project on YouTube.

EP MisAligned on Spotify

The EP MisAligned EP is available on Spotify. 

Dive into  a blend of American Pop, Trance & Hip-Hop finely tuned with German precision in production.


Harmonizing the Extraordinary

The collaborative genius of VaughnBornFamous and Tidow Beats sets the stage ablaze. American sensation VaughnBornFamous, with his electrifying vocals, teams up with German producer Tidow Beats. 

The fusion of their disparate musical backgrounds has conjured an alchemy of sound that is nothing short of enthralling. 

In an interview, VaughnBornFamous described the collaborative process as akin to “painting on a limitless canvas”. Tidow Beats, equally mesmerized by VBF's prowess, lauds the sheer breadth of his vocal range and ingenuity. 







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